Criminal Defense

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Criminal Defense at Every Stage

Not every case starts with being arrested.  Sometimes you are investigated by police or law enforcement first.  It is important to be respectful to officers, but you also have rights.  You do not have to consent to a search of your person, car, or home without a warrant.  If the police want to ask you questions, you have the right to remain silent and have an attorney present.  You have these rights because of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights and the United States Constitution.  In order for those rights to work, you need to stand up for yourself or have an attorney do it for you.  Contact this office by phone or email to help you.

Attorney Angiulo can help with your criminal case before it starts.  A show cause hearing means the clerk magistrate’s office will be listening to witnesses and deciding whether you should be charged.  Success at this hearing means you will not have a criminal record and Attorney Angiulo can help.  If you are arrested and given an arraignment date, contact this office to arrange for representation from the beginning of your case.  At arraignment in district, superior, federal or juvenile court will mean a judge deciding whether to set bail and what terms of release to impose.

If you are charged, your attorney will need to collect evidence from the government, research law for your case, and meet with witnesses.  The attorney you choose will be working closely with you on strategy decisions.  That attorney will argue any motions to suppress or dismiss you might have.  If you go to trial, your attorney will be fighting for you.  You want your attorney to be someone you trust.

Contact this office for your consultation.  We will meet with you and answer your questions so that you can move forward with a trusted attorney who is willing and able to provide aggressive criminal defense.

 Criminal Defense for Drug Cases 

Whether it is simple possession or drug trafficking Attorney Angiulo has seen it before.  Drug charges usually mean there was a search by police when evidence was found.  This could be a motor vehicle stop, a search warrant for a home, or even a pat frisk on a sidewalk.  Attorney Angiulo has written, filed, fought, and won motions to suppress in cases like these.

When a plea isn’t going to give you the result you want, then you are going to trial.  If that happens, you need Attorney Angiulo next to you.  Drug cases need special attention at trial because of things like drug certificates, “expert” witnesses, and jury selection.  Attorney Angiulo knows what to do.

Sometimes, clients are in trouble because of a drug addiction.  This office knows how to document a persons recovery and present that to the court at the right time.  With the heroin and opiate epidemic in our state, Attorney Angiulo knows that quality legal representation doesn’t begin or end at the courthouse doors.

Contact this office to discuss the law that applies to your facts.

Some of the commonly charged crimes in this category are:  possession of class A, possession of class B, possession of class E, possession of heroin, possession of cocaine, possession of oxycodone, possession with intent to distribute, distribution of class A, distribution of class B, trafficking in opiates, trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in heroin.

Federal Criminal Defense

When you find yourself in front of a Federal Judge you could bring a lawyer with you who has been there before.  Attorney Angiulo has handled federal indictments from initial appearance and detention hearings through to final verdict.  Federal law enforcement and the United States Attorneys office are aggressive and thorough.  This office is ready to provide disciplined and strong responses to the most serious of accusations including white collar offenses like wire fraud as well as firearms and drug charges in Federal court.

Criminal Defense for Sex Offenses

The road to trial after being charged with a sex offense is long and difficult.  During the wait before trial, it is important to have an attorney who knows how to use private investigators and discovery motions to build a defense against a troubling accusation.  An example are Dwyer motions used to access protected records like school, mental health, and medical reports that can shed light on the case.  In order to pick a jury, cross-examine witnesses, and give strong closing arguments an attorney needs to have prepared the case and know the facts.  If you are charged with Rape, Indecent Assault and Battery, or any other offense in this category contact this office as soon as possible to prepare your defense.

Criminal Defense for Crimes of Violence

Sometimes you have to use force to defend yourself.  Sometimes people lie about what really happened.  Sometimes you need to tell your side of the story.  Attorney Angiulo will meet with you, listen to your story, and talk about your choices.  Your first step should be to contact this office.

Domestic ViolenceAssault & Battery on a household member, kidnapping, strangulation, restraining order violations

Other Crimes of Violence assault and battery, assault and battery dangerous weapon, assault with intent to murder, intimidation of a witnessmayhem, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault, criminal harassment, stalking.

Criminal Defense for Firearm Offenses

It might be an old family rifle that didn’t have a trigger lock causing you to be charged with improper storage of a firearm.  In other situations you, or someone you care about, may have been riding in a car when a handgun was found.  There are any number of ways that causes a person to need a lawyer to deal with firearm offenses in Massachusetts.  However it happened, Attorney Angiulo will be available to work out a criminal defense strategy to deal with it.

People facing firearm offenses may be charged with carrying a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm, possession of a firearm without an FID card, possession of ammunition without an FID Card, or possession of large capacity firearm.

Criminal Defense for Larceny Charges

For those people charged with cases like larceny by check, embezzlement, or larceny over $250 there will a significant amount of paperwork to review and time invested in defending these types of accusations.  Your best bet is to hire an Attorney who will get through the evidence and know how to find weaknesses in the government’s case.  Contact this office to meet with Attorney Angiulo and start building your defense.

Drunk Driving / OUI Defense

You may be charged with Operation Under the Influence of Liquor or Operation Under the Influence of Drugs.  It could be your first time or it might not be.  You need an attorney who knows the law and how to win.  In every OUI case, there are important legal issues that must be raised before and at trial.  Attorney Angiulo knows the law about breath tests, blood tests, expert testimony, and how to build a defense.

Contact this office to discuss the law that applies to your facts.

Record Sealing

Sometimes there are misunderstandings.  Maybe you were charged with a crime, but the case was quickly dismissed.  Maybe something happened that you can’t change, but you are ready to move on.  With time, most people are eligible to have their records sealed.  This includes people with convictions,  cases that were dropped or dismissed, and Juvenile records.

Contact this office to meet and discuss whether you are eligible to seal your record.

Restraining Order and Harassment Prevention Order Defense

Restraining order and harassment prevention order defense is very important for the falsely accused.  These orders can prevent you from working, possessing firearms, or seeing your children.  Aggressive defense and being prepared are two giant steps towards success.  Another important step is contacting this office to get the case ready for hearing.

Juvenile Court Criminal Defense

Young people can be the most vulnerable and reckless people in a family.  They also might have a bright future.  By hiring dedicated counsel, your child will have someone in their corner who knows the rules of Juvenile Court and the law that applies to their charges.  Attorney Angiulo’s education and experience includes working with the challenges of juvenile criminal defendants.  Contact this office to set up a consultation for you and your family.

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